Everything You Need to Know About MCBA's National Equity Tour

Everything You Need to Know About MCBA’s National Equity Tour


Founded and led by Mike Lomuto, the Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA) 2024 Board Chair, the Equity Workshop Tour (EWT) is set to hit the road in March of 2024.

This one of a kind tour is focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion in cannabis, while educating minorities entering or already in the cannabis business.

With a list of speakers and participants that include state representatives, regulators, elected officials, MCBA board members, founders, owners, attorneys, accountants, creatives, plus Equity Workshop Tour partners, sponsors, and collaborators, Mike Lomuto is set to deliver passion, education, and empowerment to all that attend and follow the tour.

The MCBA says this tour is more than a series of events, “It’s a movement bringing together business, advocacy, and community leaders committed to building an equitable Cannabis industry. With the collective aim of strengthening industry footholds for social equity applicants and operators, the tour promises an enriching blend of immersive learning and purposeful networking opportunities.”

About the MCBA and Equity Workshop Tour

Credit: MCBA, EWT

The MCBA is an organization that supports equity in the cannabis industry through:

Policy: working with local representatives to support fair implementation and enforcement of sensible cannabis policies, and providing resources for governments and citizens to design and advocate for better policies.

Empowerment: Education, resources, educational and economic opportunities for minority entrepreneurs and communities: equity workshop tour, bootcamps, and expungement clinics. 

Connection: Connect with lawmakers and regulators, consumers, patients, and business owners through ongoing advocacy, engagement opportunities, and events. 

The organization does this with a 15 member Board of Directors, who are industry leaders representing various industry disciplines. 

The Equity Workshop Tour is a perfect representation of the MCBA’s focus to empower. Each stop will host and offer:

  • Roundtable Discussions: Engage with industry experts intent on delivering tangible takeaways.
  • Group Discussions: Identify synergies and galvanize collective efforts towards industry equity.
  • Panels & Listening Sessions: Get firsthand insights and direct access to influential leaders in the cannabis space.
  • Networking: Connect with peers and thought leaders in an environment curated for meaningful interactions.

Through roundtable discussions, group discussions, listening sessions, and networking, attendees will get insight and access to industry leaders, intent on delivering tangible takeaways. The conversations are ones that need to be had with industry leaders offering insight and information on: 

  • Abundance Mindset
  • Ecosystems
  • Building movements, not just businesses
  • Collaboration
  • Teams and funding
  • Legalization
  • Fair free enterprise
  • Micro work for macro impact
  • Accounting and Taxes
  • Navigating Challenges

Hear from MBCA Equity Workshop Tour, Founder and Leader: Mike Lomuto 

Credit: Mike Lomuto

In October 2023, the Equity Workshop Tour, hit the road on a journey to and through: the Midwest, the East Coast, and the South, to empower social equity applicants and operators in the cannabis industry. This year the tour goes from nine stops to over 25 stops in all U.S regions: Pacific, Southwest, Midwest, East Coast, and the South.

From half of the country to the whole country, what prompted the decision to make this a country wide tour?

“When we originally drew up this initiative, the intention was to create a national tour of workshops, and three years later, it’s about to be a reality. When I migrated the tour over to MCBA in October 2023, we were able to put the pedal to the medal and set the stage for the national expansion because it was the right home for it. Everything and everyone aligned, and we’ve been off to the races since.”

What are 3 things you’re looking forward to as the tour hits the road on the west coast?

“The food. I’m always excited to travel and check out local food. I love all types of food, and I seek out regional specialties. I’ve crafted a lot of my life to be able to eat amazing food in the places that specialize in them, and the Equity Workshop Tour allows me to get on the road and break bread with my village.

The smoking circles after some of the workshops. At the end of the day, I love the plant, in all its forms. And I love sharing the experience of consuming the plant with people I love and respect and am building with.

Six years ago, when I decided that the licensing route wasn’t for me, I also realized that cities like my hometown of San Francisco would benefit greatly from the support of a national resource network. More specifically, those working for an equitable industry would need that support, in an industry still in federal prohibition and developing in hyper-silos. 

At the time I didn’t know what shape my contribution would take. But I have decades of experience both developing workshops and also of living semi-nomadically, so the EWT became a natural manifestation of my efforts and intentions. So I’m beyond excited to be bringing this back home in a full circle type of moment for me, personally.”

How can those that want to get involved make that happen?

Reach out to me on LinkedIn where I post about the tour, register for an event, show up, etc.”

Final Words

Credit: MCBA, EWT

The Equity Workshop Tours first set of stops are on the Pacific/ West Coast: 

San Francisco, CA: March 2

Portland, OR: March 5

Seattle, WA: March 7

Tickets are available on EventHi (linked in the cities listed above). Following these stops: Las Vegas, Phoenix, Santa Fe, Oklahoma City, and Denver. Dates are coming soon; however, Lomuto says that the plans are late March into the first part of April. 

Credit: MCBA, EWT

Stay tuned for tour updates here in Cannabis & Tech Today. C&TT is an MCBA, Equity Workshop Tour Media Partner, in collaboration with the Traveling Cannabis Writer who is following the tour virtually and reporting back. 

All tour updates: schedule, stops, new sponsors and partners, updates from Mike Lomuto, etc. will be published here. Make sure you are following the MCBA, Cannabis & Tech Today, and the Traveling Cannabis Writer on social media to get insight on each stop of the tour as the tour is in motion. 

When asked for final words, Lomuto responded, “Thank you to our media partners and all partners, sponsors, supporters, everyone that has been a part of the tour, and those that have signed on to be a part of this one”.

It takes a village, including the village that is supporting media coverage of this much needed cross country tour, such as: 

Credit: Police & Thieves

Police & Thieves, a woman and minority owned cannabis marijuana dispensary in Denver, Colorado with two locations: East Colfax Ave and Cherry Creek. Police & Thieves offers a diverse selection of top-quality cannabis products, and says: “We have something for everyone. Our team carefully curates our product offerings from trusted suppliers who share our commitment to quality. Come join us and elevate your Mile-High experience.” 

  • Veronica Castillo is an over 100 times published, in 14+ magazines, Traveling Cannabis Writer. She was a nomadic writer on the road covering all things cannabis/ hemp/ and overall plant medicines for 5 years, and recently came back home to Florida, making it her homebase once again. Her body of work can be found in both digital and print publications, where she provides cannabis, psychedelics, and vegan industry and community insights from more than five journeys around the country. She is not only a writer, she is also a collaborator and connector, and always seeking to bring to light the hidden gems in the plant space. You can follow her journey on Instagram: @vee_travelingvegcannawriter and/or LinkedIn: @Traveling Cannabis Writer  


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