The Winners of the High Times Cannabis Cup Massachusetts: People’s Choice Edition 2023

The Winners of the High Times Cannabis Cup Massachusetts: People’s Choice Edition 2023

Many of Massachusetts’ most exquisite cannabis products are smoked or consumed, but few are chosen. 

Cannabis Cups showcase the best cannabis products around, and the ones that really stood out rose to the top. The final results are astounding, and we’re proud to announce that Massachusetts is home to cannabis that’s better than ever. Last year, 2023 rang in the third year that we’ve hosted our High Times Cannabis Cup: People’s Choice Edition in the Bay State. And to kick off 2024, we’re announcing the final winners. 

Massachusetts is home to one of High Times’ most electrified and passionate crowds we’ve ever encountered among all Cannabis Cup events. We collected product submissions last October, representing the state’s best cannabis, via our primary retailer, Nova Farms. Nova Farms has dispensary locations in Attleboro, Framingham, and Dracut, Massachusetts, as well as locations in other states. The brand grows its own cannabis on a 90-acres farm in Sheffield, Massachusetts—one of the largest outdoor cannabis farms in New England.

Other exclusive retail partners that helped to host People’s Choice Edition 2023 include RISE, Native Sun Cannabis, Caroline’s Cannabis, NETA, Northeast Alternatives, Harbor House Collective, Affinity Cannabis, Rooted In, reLeaf Alternative Dispensary, Health Circle, The Botanist, and more. Thank you all.

Amid the holidays, on Dec. 24, Cannabis Cup Judges began sampling products and recorded their thoughts and ratings for each one, ranking them from 1-10 on the factors that define the loudest and best pot on the planet: Aesthetics, Aroma, Taste, Effects, Burnability, and more. They also had an opportunity to  a comments section where they could embellish more on what piqued their attention.It was those thoughts and rankings that determined our winners for 2023.

Last year’s winners include a couple of winners in multiple strains categories, Happy Valley and Rythm—which took home two trophies each. Munchèas always makes a big splash in the form of edibles, along with other brands including Happy Valley, Vibations, and Wynk

Adult-use cannabis sales were approved in 2016 with sales kicking off in 2018, and by now, Massachusetts’ market has matured to the point that the competition is getting intense. Don’t worry though, because we narrowed down the top cannabis products already, thanks to the hard work of our Cannabis Cup Judges who diligently record the details that make the final difference.

To all the brands, growers, processors, and retailers: Give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. Below are the winners who were rated the highest overall in multiple categories.

Indica Flower

First Place: Harbor House Collective – Kosher Kush 

Courtesy Harbor House Collective

Second Place: Lazy River Products – Juicee J

2nd Indica Flwr Lazy River Juicee
Courtesy Lazy River Products

Third Place: Superflux – Grapple Pie

3rd Indica Flwr Superflux Grapple
Courtesy Superflux

Sativa Flower

First Place: Northeast Alternatives – Tropicana Cherry

1st Sativa Flwr NE Alt Trop Cherry
Courtesy Northeast Alternatives

Second Place: Lazy River Products – Chimera

2nd Sativa Flwr Lazy River Chimera
Courtesy Lazy River Products

Third Place: Garden Remedies – White Rainbow Special Stash

3rd Sativa Flwr Garden Remedies Rainbow
Courtesy Garden Remedies

Hybrid Flower

First Place: The Botanist – Johnny Apple Seed

1st Hybrid Flwr Botonist Johnny
Courtesy The Botanist

Second Place: Lazy River Products – Dante’s Inferno

2nd Hybrid Flwr Lazy River Dante

Third Place: Harbor House Collective – Grape Cream Cake

3rd Hybrid Flwr HH Collective Grape
Courtesy Harbor House Collective

Non-infused Pre-rolls Flower

First Place: Southie Adams – Lemon Cane 2g Fatty 

1st Non Infsd Pre Roll Southie Adams Lemon
Courtesy Southie Adams

Second Place: Springtime – Layer Cake Pre-Roll

2nd Non Infsd Pre Roll Springtime Layer Cake
Courtesy Springtime

Third Place: Green Gold Group – Lemonz Pre-Roll

3rd Non Infsd Pre Roll GGG Lemonz
Courtesy Green Gold Group

Infused Pre-rolls Flower

First Place: Pioneer Valley – Grapeness M80 Infused Pre-Roll

1st Infsd Pre Roll Pioneer Valley Grapeness
Courtesy Pioneer Valley

Second Place: Southie Adams – Sundaze Infused Blunt

2nd Infsd Pre Roll Southie Sundaze
Courtesy Southie Adams

Third Place: Happy Valley – Moonrocket Infused Pre-Roll

3rd Infsd Pre Roll Happy Moonrocket 1
Courtesy Happy Valley

Solvent Concentrates

First Place: Superflux – Johnny Apple Seed Live Budder

1st Solvent Conc Pioneer Johnny
Courtesy Superflux

Second Place: Nature’s Heritage – Sherb Cake Live Resin

2nd Solvent Con heritage
Courtesy Nature’s Heritage

Third Place: Sticky Fish – Lemon Party Live Budder

3rd Solvent Con Sticky Fish Lemon
Courtesy Sticky Fish

Non-Solvent Concentrates

First Place: Harbor House Collective – Grape Cream Cake Cold Cure Live Rosin

1st Non Solvent Con HH Coll Grape
Courtesy Harbor House Collective

Second Place: Treeworks x Canna Provisions – Chem S1

2nd Non Solvent Con Treeworks Chem
Courtesy Treeworks

Third Place: Suncrafted – Bio Diesel #2 Live Rosin Badder

3rd Non Solvent Con Suncrafted Bio
Courtesy Suncrafted

Rosin Vape Pens

First Place: Treeworks – Wedding Pie Live Rosin Cart

1st Rosin Vape Treeworks Wedding
Courtesy Treeworks

Second Place: Harbor House Collective – Papaya Cake Live Rosin Vape

2nd Rosin Vape HH Coll Papaya
Courtesy Harbor House Collective

Third Place: Bountiful Farms – Guava Glue Live Hash Rosin Vape

3rd Rosin Vape Bountiful Guava
Courtesy Bountiful Farms

Non-Rosin Vape Pens

First Place: Rove – Watermelon Zkittlez Live Resin Diamond Vape

1st Non Rosin Vape Rove Watermelon
Courtesy Rove

Second Place: Church x Trade Roots – Ice Cream Cake Live Resin Vape

2nd Non Rosin Vape Church x Trade
Courtesy Church

Third Place: Sticky Fish – Purple Marmalade Live Resin Cart

3rd Non Rosin Vape Sticky Fish
Courtesy Sticky Fish

Edibles: Sativa Gummies

First Place: Beboe – Sparkling Pear Sativa Gummies

1st Edible Sat Gummies Beboe
Courtesy Beboe

Second Place: Happy Valley – End Game Cookies x Guava Passionfruit Rosin Gummies

2nd Edible Sat Gummy Happy End Game
Courtesy Happy Valley

Third Place: Hashables – Tropical Typhoon Sativa Gummies

3rd Edible Sat Gummy Hashables
Courtesy Hashables

Edibles: Indica Gummies

First Place: Beboe – Plum Berry Indica Gummies

1st Edible Indica Gummy Beboe Plum
Courtesy Beboe

Second Place: Zzzonked – Strawberry Slumber Gummies

2nd Edible Indica Gummy Zzzonked
Courtesy Zzzonked

Third Place: Happy Valley – Grape 2:1 CBN:THC Rapid Onset Gummies

3rd Edible Indica Gummy Happy Valley
Courtesy Happy Valley

Edibles: Chocolate Non-Gummies

First Place: AHH MOMENTS – Ceremonial Matcha Organic Quinoa Crunch

1st Edible Chocolate Summit Matcha
Courtesy Summit Ascent

Second Place: Bubby’s Baked Goods – Brownie Bites

2nd Edible Chocolate Bubbies Brownie
Courtesy Bubby’s Baked Goods

Third Place: Meltdown – Churro Chocolate Bar

3rd Edible Chocolate Meltdown Churro
Courtesy Meltdown

Edibles: Beverages

First Place: Vibations – Energy Cannabis Drink Mix

1st ED Beverages Vibations Energy
Courtesy Vibations

Second Place: Rove – Drink Loud Maui Blast Shot

2nd ED Beverages Rove Drink Loud
Courtesy Rove

Third Place: Wynk – Black Cherry Fizz

3rd ED Beverages Wynk
Courtesy Wynk

Topicals + Tinctures + Capsules

First Place: The Fix – Infused Cooling Balm

1st Topicals The Fix Balm
Courtesy The Fix

Second Place: Treeworks – Canna Cream

2nd Topicals Treeworks Cream
Courtesy Treeworks

Third Place: Dr. Healey’s – Pain Balm Stick

3rd Topicals Dr Healey Pain Stick
Courtesy Dr. Healey’s

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